Speculate some across many dimensional ranges.

At some instance, or perhaps several overlapping or in series or parallel, unfathomables long ago, what these days people call ‘life’ sparked, rumbled, stumbled, slumped, by chance or miracle design came to be. Life began long ago.  It continues to flow generation to and through generations to now. Life is but a stream.

Perhaps life started, then stopped, hesitated and withered.  Maybe once enabled life took to the world, long ago.

Ova and sperm well into the stream cannot be deemed not alive nor part of life.

To examine embryology as the construction of a person’s identity and character based on the chromosomal blueprint with genetic specifications bundled in the portfolio of the fertilized egg in the uterine site materially supplied mostly by mothers’ environment internally, externally and circumstantially.  Handedness, athleticism, cleft palate, hare lip. genius, coloboma, scoliosis impacted third molars, diastemas, the cephalies, gender identity, teratomas,, spina bifida, tonal range of voice are all embryological triumphs and vicissitudes

Based on the deployment of cloaca stages come,in the main,those structures into which basic sexual organs and emotions and feelings experienced as heterosexual, homosexual, asexual variants evolve.

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