Our specs let’s say are basic DNA.
Chromosome blueprints deployed they lay.
Base pairs 20K, Genes 4K we ride.
From them guide our brains,bodies and our hide.

“Blame”, euphemism for slinging shit.
Our I.D. from life’s stream is what we get.
Extrapolate hetero homo bi
Interpolate polymorphous slut’s cry.

So when our cloacae trend their run
Surely our lifelong bar-codes fully done.
Let’s spare our err, “There but for God go I”.
All look now to the sky, heave heavy sigh.

Now take care, love, admire, respect all life
Despite new pleasures now culturally rife.
Go Via Agra and See Alice fake
Gender I.D. you see not ones’ to take.

Cloacae in cultures the dimensions
Trying to fit without cruel tensions.
Matter of truth no longer conjecture
Blameless all are in life’s ancient vector.

To make, engineer, construct wondrous souls
From fertilized eggs toward given goals
Resource said plan materiel code tome
So in stream eddies find your, “I am home!”
We now are in genome de nom de nom.

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